by happiness in veins

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released May 10, 2015




happiness in veins Orsk, Russia

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Track Name: enjoy your life
i think about my cancer
you think about your HIV
thy dreams are full of sportcars
but i want to die in sleep

our kids are nameless echoes
our minds are toxic wastes
those faces are nonreflective
and our love has a rotten taste

enjoy your damn life
keep enjoying your damn life

i feel so much depressed but
not because from my disease
i have so many thoughts of doubt
and i beg you stop it please
Track Name: let the blade in
touch the steel that was never been your friend
never did something wrong, something cruel or great
but you are with your filthy hands and soul
should have never been born and your birth is mistake

touch the steel that was never been your foe
never did something bad, something sick or cute
do not wait when you will be an old man
don't to try fix it up - it doesn't make any sense

so here you are
throw out all regrets
clear up your mind
and let the blade in

touch the steel that was never been your toy
never did something kind, something shame or false
make a choice: to end it all and be free
or to feed greedy hopes and to eat seeds of lies